I posted a different picture to Facebook, but oh my goodness. I can’t stand it- this one is too cute!



Conversations with Logan 2/26/13

Logan’s school was cancelled yesterday because of weather. It turned out to be not such a terrible day, but it was snowing pretty good first thing in the morning and wasn’t safe for the buses, so SNOW DAY!

L: “Mama, I knew we weren’t going to have school today”
Me: “Oh, you did? How did you know that?”
L: “Because I looked out the window this morning and there was lots of snow on the falcony. So I knew that I wouldn’t go to school”

He spent the morning with Daddy, then came to my office for the afternoon. I pulled out some paper, scissors, glue and crayons so he could create some stuff. He made a huge mess and did a great job!

L: “Mama, do you know what has sharper teeth than a crocodile?”
Me: “No?”
L: “A pypon. A pypon has sharper teeth than a crocodile. I made you one!”

And so I now have a pypon on my desk. Daddy was jealous, so he got the crocodile.


Hap E Bal Tim

This time last year, Marly and I were headed to Little Rock for an appointment with the greatest ENT doctor around. She was getting checked out for her tubes that she would get a couple of weeks later. It was an early, early day. Not the best way to spend Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t have to work. I spent the whole day with my girl trapsing all over Arkansas, then home to snuggles with my best boy. I really couldn’t have asked for more. But this year- this year will be better. No doctors. No hospitals. Miles under my tires, but not nearly as many as before.


Looking back over the past year, so much has happened. And none of it involved ear infections. Both of our kids have been so healthy and growing like weeds, despite my best efforts to keep them small.


We started soccer again- yay! We took a break after summer soccer last year and thought he wanted to start taking karate. That’s all he’s been talking about for a year or so. We finally got set up for him to go, and he decided he didn’t want to do it. We offered up baseball too, but that was a no-go. Sorry, Poppy. Maybe next year. He overheard me mention soccer and once it was confirmed that it would be indoor- he was all in! So, he and daddy get special Tuesday nights together at practice while Marly and I have girls’ night. So far, he is loving it and he is doing really great this year. He’s grown up so much!

Last night, they were both running around like crazy people so I got out the Valentine’s crafts I had gotten at Target. I poured out the contents on to their table and they went to town! They were virtually silent- for all of about 5 minutes. Until Marly started trying to hoard all the pieces that Logan just had to have right that minute. With minimal arguments, they both made Valentine’s for mama. And my heart melted.

Hap E Bal Tim Mama!


Marly calls hers “Happy birthday Valentine!”

Marly made one for daddy too, but I didn’t get a picture. He got two hearts. But his consolation prize was bath time, snuggles and not having to do homework and 20 more Valentines with Logan. And she was smitten with her daddy once again.

Tonight we will get home and no doubt make more mess Valentines and open our goodies from Grandma & Grandpa and Mimi & Poppy!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013!!

100 days of Kindergarten!

Today, Logan is 100 days smarter!
And apparently, he got hungry on the way home. That Froot Loop necklace once held 100 loops. Now it is down to 12.
Love him.
Soccer started tonight! Fun times ahead!


Christmas music craziness!

Logan was perfectly content to sit on the couch and sing Jingle Bells with Mimi.

But not Marly!

World’s worst blogger

I know there are probably worse bloggers than me, but I’m admittedly pretty terrible.
We stay so busy these days that I just don’t take the time to write like I should. Our evenings are so cram packed that I am usually running from task to task until I crash. Writing is not a priority, but it is why I started this blog- for the memories. My mother has photographs of every moment of my childhood. And she has them organized in to indexed photo albums. It’s OK to hate her just a little bit (just kidding mom- love you!). Since I couldn’t really get going with that, I wanted to keep this blog. I haven’t done a much better job with it.
So, to catch up on the kiddos:
We spent Thanksgiving in Tennessee this year with Greg’s family.20121210-155016.jpg20121210-154906.jpg20121210-154951.jpg

The car ride there was through the night, so not terrible. But the drive home was loooong. One hour in, and Marly was delirious.

She did not stop talking for approximately 9 1/2 hours. Good grief, we were tired when we got home. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m always tired.

Then, up went the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Daddy did the outside decorations while we jumped at a birthday party.


Now that we are decorated, we are busy working, getting special treatment at daycare, doing kindergarten homework, going to Little Rock and prepping for Logan’s Christmas program. Oh, the Christmas program!


He’s in there- can you find him?

Greg had to be out of town for work the night of the program, so my parents drove over and met us at the school Thursday evening. They were a big surprise and stayed the whole weekend with us! So basically, that means my kids are miserable this week because there is no Miiiiiimiiiii and Popppppppppyyyyyyy (*insert whiny voice here*). And we did it up big this weekend- a visit with Santa that included scaring the tar out of Marly. That girl is not afraid of anything. Except Santa, apparently. She didn’t even make it in our Santa picture this year. Poor girl. She just kept telling me over and over for the rest of the day “I no see Santa, mommy. I no see Santa.”

After Santa Claus came the downtown Christmas parade. We went a couple of years ago and had fun, so I thought I’d take my parents and we would enjoy a little small-town fare. They were both surprised how long the parade was- who knew our little town could put on a parade to last an hour and a half?! I think Marly was a little worn out, post-parade.20121210-161519.jpg

Saturday night, I got to go to a party with some lovely ladies that I hope to call new friends! I feel so blessed to call my friend Kimberley just that- ‘friend’. Our boys went to daycare together from the time they were babies until around age 4 when she got to stay home with her two boys (lucky girl!). She has a second sweet boy who is just a few weeks older than Marly and they were in daycare together briefly too. She hosted this ‘Favorite Things’ party and it was such fun! She posted about it here. I came home with 5 fun new ‘favorites’, 4 new connections on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and a business card from Beth, ever the networker. 🙂

In all the craziness that has been the last few weeks, I’m trying to do my best to sit back and remember that I am so completely blessed. I have a husband who loves me despite “me”, two beautiful relatively healthy kids, parents who are willing to do anything for those kids and friends both old and new that inspire me to be better on a daily basis. What more could a girl ask for?!


Conversations with Logan- bonus

Getting home tonight:

Me: Hey, little man, get back over there and grab your backpack, please.
L: I’m not a little man! I’m not a little man, you OLD woman!!


Side note: I thought Greg was going to bust a gut. He thought that was a little too funny.